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Before being able to import any data through HarmoSearch, you must first create a mapping and upload it in the Mapping Store. A mapping contains the instructions to transform the data expressed in the HarmoSearch schema into your own data schema. To create a new mapping you can use the Mapping Tool that can be downloaded from the Mapping Store page. Please refer to the specific user manual of the tool for the instructions on how to create a new mapping.



When you create a new mapping with the downloaded tool, the output may consist, not only in a mapping file, but also in a set of further libraries needed to run the transformation correctly. In that case you have to upload also the associated library files through the dedicated form.


You can upload more than one mapping in the store, and specify which one shall be used in different contexts. To that purpose you must assign a collection identifier to each mapping. Optionally, you can set the mapping you are uploading as the default one to be used for receiving either one or both events and accommodations. If you don't do this for anyone of the uploaded mappings, the import service will not be active. In that case you have to access to the 'Exchange Data Service' page and complete the configuration later.

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