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Configure Query Service


To become a data provider in HarmoSearch it is necessary to configure how your data can be accessed. You can set this by attaching one or more data providers to your organization within the 'Query Service' page.



Please insert any non-whitespace name as data provider identifier, and click on 'Create'. Then, you have to specify the URL at which the provider's query service is accessible and the associated authentication parameters. Insert the string 'HTTPAdapter' as Connector class. Note that you have to specify also a collection identifier, which identifies the mapping that will be used to transform the data of this particular data provider into HarmoSearch format.



Check one or both 'METASEARCH' and 'IMPORT' as supported query types, according to when you want your provider to be visible and queryable. Select the subdomain supported by the provider, and finally, add the semantic description of your provider choosing the most general one that includes all your data, among a list of predefined descriptions.


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