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User Roles

A user can register himself with one of the following roles:
  • Metasearch
  • Qualified Search
  • Import
  • Publisher

The Metasearch role is the basic one. It gives access to the Metasearch service.
Qualified Search provides an advanced metasearch, where the query results are enriched with extra information, and where a user can decide to get back only the most relevant results according to some scoring criteria.
The Import role is targeted to participants who don't only want to view the data available in the HarmoSearch network, but also to receive them into their own system.
Finally, the Publisher role gives access to the services that are needed to share its own data with the other participants, in particular through the different push and publishing operations.

There are however three more user roles, which currently cannot be chosen directly by the user at registration time. It is the administrator who can assign such roles to a user. These are:

Receive Data
Data Provider

Service Provider

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